Ashanti Travel Coordinator is based in Port of Spain (Trinidad) since 1995, and settled in Dominican Republic since 1999. The ASHANTI  team aims at developing economic and cultural links between the English-speaking Caribbean countries, Spanish-speaking  Caribbean countries  and French Caribbean.Our objective is to promote a better knowledge of the foreign cultures and civilizations by proposing language study holidays by favoring the placement in host family.According to your needs, we are searching for you the most appropriate internships,  language schools, tertiary educational establishments, accommodations in private homes or in apartments.We organize your language study holidays individually, as a school or associative groups.We also offer language camps for your children from the age of 9. We take into account your expectations and your financial resources to find the most suitable package for you.
Group of young people at the libraryetc

Dream destinations (Sometimes unusual)

Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Spain, the USA

Multiple packages

Language study holidays, cultural, linguistic / cultural Children’s Holiday Camps,  internships, vocational training solutions.


English/ Spain courses for 8 euros per day* Accommodation of 20 Euros per day A 24* Package of 75 Euros*

*Conditions applicable for a group of 15 or more