The internships/vocational training a la carte

In touch with your studies, the internships allow you to participate to the economic life of the host country and to acquire an international experience

Tertiary education

After the A level or to pursue further education, several diplomas and degrees, Caribbean, American, Australian or British are accessible from Trinidad

The language study holidays

From the age of 9, you can allow your children to enrich their knowledge in English or Spanish though our Holiday camps for children and teenagers in Trinidad and in The Dominican Republic. Within a group or individually, we offer different level of language course and workshops. The adult program allows you to prepare different certificates according to your level such as IELTS, TOEFEL, TOIC, ETC…

The accommodation

* in a host family / family pension


Living in a country with an inhabitant is a unique formula which allows you to discover the reality of a country by inviting you to share the everyday life of a local family while participating concretely to the local economy. These stays opened to everybody (young people, adults and seniors) is available all year long. Our host families are selected according to precise and rigorous criteria : sociocultural environment, morality, availability, > motivation for the cultural exchanges, the comfort of the home. A regular follow-up of our host families is in place through a network of highly qualified recruiters  .

* in an apartment

Selected according to the district, the comfort and the security

* In a villa 

Selected according to their comfort, the services offered, their location and your budget.

* in hotels or in guest houses according to your budget